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RGS Boys:Articles:Mock Election 1959

Mock Election Result 1959

A forthcoming general election spurred the school to hold a mock election in September 1959.
There were 4 brave candidates that came forward to represent the parties. These were J.M. Hodder representing the Conservative party, W.T. Fisher a Independent, A.J. Mahoney the Labour Party and C.R. Durham the Liberal party.
The first meeting was held in the gym and considerable chanting was going on well before Mahoney arrived to start the meeting. His speech extolling the benefits of "Pink Socialism was hardly heard above the din.

Due to the damage in the gym the Liberal candidate's meeting was moved outside and the air-raid shelter was used a stage. This proved a very bad location for poor Durham a good supply of conkers being on hand and were found to be very good ammo! followed by acorns and apple cores. I doubt anyone heard his policies.
The next up was the Conservative candidate and it was decided to use the school hall for Hodder's meeting. This proved to be a rather calm sedate meeting due to the presence of prefects ready to pounce although perhaps from the final results conservatism was preferred.

Then Fisher held his meeting and although meeting with opposition it was much more sophisticated than the conker throwing.
It was decided that the Liberal candidate would try again in the school hall this time. Rather than risk another bout of pelting he did the crafty and presented a tape recorded speech.

The results:
J.M. Hodder (Con) ...302
A.J. Mahoney (Lab)... 77
C.R. Durham (Lib) ...123
W.T. Fisher (Ind) ... 21

Conservative Majority 179

Did any of them go into Politics I wonder ?????

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